Cloud Servers

Cloud-based servers can perform the same functions as conventional, on-site servers but, like other cloud solutions, they are easily scalable. As your needs grow, so you can simply call up more resources without having to invest in new hardware of your own.


Cloud Servers


Typically, if you opt for a cloud server solution, you’ll be renting space on a remote server, and paying by the hour. The system can respond automatically – providing you with more space as your needs dictate, and then scaling it back during the quieter periods. What that means in practice is that you only pay for what you need – and when you need more, it’s always there.


Benefits of cloud servers


  • A flexible, cost effective solution.
  • Always fast, responsive and reliable.
  • Multiple redundancy ensures continuity.
  • No up-front investment costs.
  • No commitment to repairs and maintenance.
  • Capacity is always available.
  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Cope easily with peaks and troughs in activity.

Cloud versus Shared Hosting


For many businesses, cloud servers are an ideal solution. Unlike shared hosting, your server space is available solely to you. With shared hosting, your service provider’s other customers are also making demands upon the system so you can suffer ‘slow’ periods when they are active. The cloud eliminates such frustrations and keeps you fully productive.


If you do decide to make the move, we can move your data and servers to the cloud. We’ll take care of everything, from the initial planning to connectivity and testing.

Cloud versus Dedicated Hosting


As the name suggests, dedicated servers are dedicated to you alone. This gives you more control, but they have their drawbacks. Unlike cloud servers, a dedicated server requires that you purchase it outright, so it becomes an asset for which you are responsible. It’s up to you to maintain it, to fix it and to upgrade it wherever necessary. It’s also limited in its capacity – so if your needs grow, even if only temporarily, you’ll have to make an additional investment. By contrast, cloud servers allow you to call upon them as and when you need them, so you’ll never be paying for more capacity than you need.

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