There are certainly many benefits to cloud-based technologies but the cloud isn’t right for everyone. There are plenty of circumstances in which it’s practically or financially more sensible to have your own hardware on-site, and to move at least some of your operations back ‘in house’. If that’s something you’re thinking about, you’ll find us ready and able to help.



First, why not let us check your systems and processes, so we can confirm what’s going to be your best, most cost effective approach? We’re impartial and experienced, so we’re well placed to explain your options. Then, having identified which (if any) of your systems would benefit from de-clouding, we can provide all the help you need to make it happen.

Is De-Clouding Right for You?


De-clouding (also known as ‘un-clouding’) may be a more cost effective option if, for example, you can be confident that your workload and the size of your organisation will remain relatively unchanged. If you don’t need the flexibility and the scalability that the cloud offers, and if you don’t often need remote access to your software and files, then the cloud might not always offer you the best value for money. A co-located or ‘on-premises’ solution might sometimes be a cheaper option.

Fundamentally, we want to make sure that you choose the right systems for the right reasons. For example, some clients consider de-clouding because they associate it with slow connections and delays during periods of heavy use. In all likelihood, that’s not a problem with the cloud; it’s probably more about connectivity – which might well be an easier and cheaper problem to fix.

Whatever your particular circumstances, we’ll make sure you get a system that works for you. We can help with:


  • Auditing and recommending an effective exit strategy
  • Proposing on-site or co-located solutions for some or all of your cloud-based assets
  • Moving the relevant assets
  • Installing on-site hardware, connections, files and applications
  • Managing a secure, seamless transition from cloud to on-site hardware
  • Testing and troubleshooting

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Next Steps?

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