Managed Security

For businesses that can’t justify the expense of employing their own, full time IT security manager, remote technology offers an important, cost-effective alternative. Managed security is a service that allows you to outsource the management of all your IT security measures, giving you continuous and effective protection at a fraction of the cost of a full time salary.

Managed Security


At AMP, we use the latest, purpose-developed monitoring software to deliver round-the-clock security for our clients’ networks.  This gives you a robust defence against everything from common threats to targeted attacks. Crucially, it also enables us to respond proactively to stop malicious activity as it’s happening.

Our managed security service offers:


  • 24/7 automatic monitoring
  • Sophisticated threat detection and event logging
  • Rapid, intelligent response
  • Performance monitoring of your firewall and hardware
  • Automatic updates and patches
  • Monitoring and management of access controls
  • GDPR-compliance with respect to data security

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