Disaster Recovery

Companies’ systems and/or data can potentially be at risk from natural disasters such as flooding, from accidents, from criminal acts such as theft and arson and, of course, from cyber attack. These can result in varying degrees of disruption – from loss of productivity to a complete loss of data. In the most extreme cases, some businesses have had to be wound down.


Disaster Recovery


To counter these threats, it is important that you develop a disaster recovery plan. You should consider all aspects of your operation to ensure that your business will continue to function in the event of a serious incident. This means you must also protect your data. Without this, your business is at considerable risk.

Fortunately, none of our customers have had to contend with such a situation, but all organisations face some level of risk, and planning is a vital precaution.


Reassurance & Expertise


As part of our client safeguarding work, we offer practical, expert advice and standalone backup solutions.

Our security and disaster recovery assessments include a review of your business continuity measures. We’ll identify any weaknesses in your policies and practices, and we’ll advise you on your options for adopting best practice. We’ll also suggest improvements that will give you that critical last line of defence against a successful attack. You’ll have the reassurance of knowing that your business can recover from such an incident within a commercially acceptable timeframe.

Our support team will be there to help you recover, in a calm and efficient manner. We’ll get you operational as quickly as possible. Basically, we’ll be there when you need us most.

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