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Microsoft Excel is commonly used by businesses UK-wide, but few companies know how to make the most of its many features. AMP’s training courses will help you to do just that, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned spreadsheet veteran.


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Microsoft Excel Got Smart

Microsoft has introduced AI features into Microsoft Excel, starting with the Excel android app.

Power Query – Am I missing out?

Develop your business intelligence (BI) with Excel, a great application for discovering, merging, and refining data across wide-ranging sources.With Power Query you can Find and connect data across a wide range of sources. Merge and shape data to match your data...

Advanced Excel Tips

Conditional Formatting Making sense of a sea of data can be difficult. Conditional Formatting brings a level of sophistication. Used well, it can bring your spreadsheet to life. Say you want to know who your top salespeople are; within 3 clicks you can reveal your top...

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Many businesses and industries utilise this popular Microsoft Office application, so it is ideal for anyone who needs to have a good, in-depth working knowledge to help maximise efficiency and productivity.

Excel Essentials

Course Content: Excel

Microsoft Excel is commonly used by businesses UK-wide, but few know how to make the most of its many features. In this introductory session, we explain some of the most useful features that Excel has to offer. We look at formulas and workbooks, and how you can present data in various forms.

Creating and Managing Workbooks and Worksheets

Overview of the user interface
Creation of worksheets and workbooks
Navigation within worksheets and workbooks
formatting of worksheets and workbooks
The configuration of page setup and headers/footers
Customisation options and views for worksheets and workbooks
The configuration of worksheets and workbooks for distribution to others

Managing Data Cells and Ranges

Insert data in cells and ranges
Formatting cells and ranges
Summarise data with conditional formatting
Summarise and organise data

Creation of Tables

Creation and management of tables
Management of table styles and options
Filtering and sorting tables

Creation of Charts and Objects

Creating charts
Formatting charts
Inserting and formatting objects

Performing Operations with Formulas and Functions

Summarise data by using functions
Using conditional operation functions: IF and COUNTIF functions
Using conditional operation functions: SUMIF and AVERAGEIF
Formatting and modifying text by using functions
Combining text using functions and flash fill

Our MS Excel courses will be useful to:

Aimed at regular users, this session is all about working more efficiently by understanding Excel’s many time-saving features and some of the tasks you can usefully automate. It will also help you add polish to reports and generate more insights from your data. To find out more, please contact us.

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Excel Intermediate

Managing workbooks

Options and settings
Customising the ribbon
Tailoring the quick access toolbar
Protecting worksheets and workbooks, including hiding, locking and setting permissions

Advanced formulas

Introducing further operators
Relative and absolute cell references
Array formulas
Range names in formulas
Adding linking formulas
Circular references


Overview of statistical functions
Logical functions
Creating IF formulas
Tracing precedents
Using DATE/TIME functions
An overview of Math, IS and text functions

Introduction to charting

Understanding and creating charts for different data sets
Embedded charts versus chart sheets
Refining and modifying a chart
Inserting and formatting objects
Chart formatting

Advanced formatting

Create custom formats (number, time, date)
Create conditional formatting rules using formulas
Using styles and themes



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Excel Advanced

Tables and data lists

Creation and management of data list using the data form
Filtering and sorting including auto filter and advanced filter
Eliminating duplicate records
HLOOKUP/VLOOKUP functions, a brief overview.
‘What if’ scenarios and goal seeking

Advanced Charting

A detailed review of charting including graphic objects, text boxes and advanced formatting
Applying themes to charts
Creating and modifying pivot tables
Formatting pivot tables
Creating and modifying pivot charts


An introduction to macros
Recording and running a basic macro
Adding macro buttons to the toolbar


Adding, editing and using the HYPERLINK function


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