Cyber Security

Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used tools within the MS Office suite. However, most users only exploit a small fraction of its many rich features. This session aims to boost your productivity and save you time by unveiling some of its most useful functions.


Cyber SecurityAwareness

Businesses today face a cyber security security threats, so it’s important to be aware of how and where vulnerabilities can occur. This session looks at what physical and digital security measures you can put in place, and how to keep your working practices safe and sustainable.

Introducing Security

What are the risks?
How secure are we?
What can you do?
Awareness and behaviour

Digital Measures

Software updates
Anti-virus / malware protection
Websites & secure hosting
Permission setting and logins

Physical Security

Server rooms and workstations
Securing hardware on-site
Securing devices off-site

Email security

Email scanning
Digital signatures

Mobile security

Remote access
Phones and tablets
Special precautions

Secure Back-up

Disaster recovery planning
Cloud technologies
Managed back-up

Security Policy

Roles and responsibilities
Password setting
Use of portable devices/memory
Security awareness training
Staff inductions

Maintaining security

Security audits
Roles and responsibilities
Awareness checks
Penetration testing
Third party monitoring


This session is ideal for office managers and administrators, IT staff and SME owner-managers. More generally, it’s a useful awareness raising session for all regular users of information technology. 

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