Meet our managerial Team


Managing Director

Founder, MD and client-pleaser in chief, Adam first discovered his interest in computing when his primary school borrowed a PC for a week. His interest persisted and, after studying at Lancaster University, he worked as a database programmer, gaining experience in ten programming languages. Now, at the helm of AMP, he has a more strategic role but still enjoys the technical jobs on the rare occasions when he allows himself to do them. When he isn’t working, he enjoys cars, travel and snowboarding. He’s also currently learning to kite-surf.


Chief Technical Officer

James was the first to join Adam at AMP, shortly after the company started life in a small shop in Garstang.

With years of experience and a degree in Software Engineering,  he’s pretty much all-round great at everything.  He says that his favourite parts of the job are working with new technologies, “and then getting to break them.” His hobbies include running, rock climbing and online gaming.


Administration & Customer Service

Debbie went into the IT industry looking for a challenge. She found it. Now, more than five years later, she’s still enjoying the world of high technology and has taken charge of the company’s admin and communications. Outside of the office, she enjoys Thai food and horse riding. (She has two of her own: Star and Coco.)



15 years of IT experience have made Mark our resident expert on all matters of security. He started out with a personal interest in computers – building PCs for family and friends – and a full time career grew from there. He’s a natural problem-solver, so if you need advice with anything relating to virus protection or cyber security, he’s the man to call. He’s also pretty clued up on Star Wars.