IT Support for Manufacturers

At AMP, we offer manufacturers a comprehensive IT support service. This ranges from helping you to make the most of everyday office software to ensuring that even the most specialist systems work as an efficient part of your network.


IT Support for Manufacturers

 We have experienced staff to cover all the usual IT requirements – installation, security, communications, back-up, training and so on – but we’re also a team that understands the importance of industry-specific software. We know how central these can be to your operations, so we go the extra mile to make sure they’re working just as you need them to.

Often, when we first visit a new client, we’re able to suggest important efficiency savings. We’ll explain options that customers didn’t know they had – opportunities to link technologies together; to save time, reduce costs and improve productivity.

We can help with mainstream IT products such as MS Office, Sage, cloud solutions and more, but we can also make your life easier with respect to:


  • Design software
  • CNC equipment
  • Scanners
  • Process control
  • Stock control
  • Distribution and logistics

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