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Tighten Up Your Business Internet Security

As the amount of time being spent online at the moment is hugely increasing, it is more important than ever to protect both yourself and your business’ IT cyber security.

At AMP Information Systems, we have put together some simple IT security top tips that should be at the very forefront of your mind throughout every step of yours and your colleague’s day-to-day digital life.


Protect your IT security from email phishing scams by quickly going through some vital questions in your head prior to interacting with anything that arrives in your inbox. Firstly, ask yourself... Were you expecting this email? Do you know the sender? Is there any urgency for your attention within the subject or content of the email? Are there any attachments or links in the email? Phishing emails often tell a story to attempt to trick you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. 

NEVER click or open an email until you can be completely sure that you can verify that it is legitimate. If you do receive a phishing email it is always good to report it as the information you give can help fight the scammers. Forward the email to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at 


Everyone is guilty of hitting the snooze button when your digital device prompts you to update your IT software. But this is a habit you very quickly need to break! Criminals look to exploit security vulnerabilities before the software companies can fix it & by delaying gives hackers time to access your information – even when a patch is out there to lock them out.

These IT cyber security software updates are essential in protecting your computer security against any security flaws and so if you do ignore them you and your device will remain vulnerable. Update your browsers, extensions, computer OS, mobile apps – do a full check to make sure you are completely up-to-date and most importantly to keep you and your business’ IT security protected. One quick fix you can do in order to tackle this is to switch your software settings to ‘automatically update’ so it can deal with any new security threats. Or better still speak to your managed IT service provider to make sure that all security activities are being updated on a monthly basis.


You will most likely accumulate a lot of cookies and various other tracking information within your browser as time goes on. Every now and again, it is a good idea to clear your browser cache for “all time,” giving you a completely fresh start and improving your IT security. It’s incredibly refreshing and gives your IT systems that added layer of protection! And if you are concerned about adware, consider an extension like AdBlock Plus to help cut down on your exposure.

By deleting your cache and browsing history, you will prevent websites and third-parties from following you around the web across multiple sites. By clearing your history, you make it very difficult for websites and other entities to identify and track you, therefore, enhancing your IT cyber security.


The use of strong passwords is essential in order to protect not only just your computer’s security but also the security of very important information and even your identity. It is incredibly important to update your password regularly. To remember your passwords you could use a password vault, such as LastPass. Weak passwords are one of the main reasons that individuals and organisations get hacked. For strong cyber security use very strong passwords to protect your data.

Try not to keep it too simple or use your name or anything easy to guess. Use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, symbols & numbers. Finally, NEVER share or save your password anywhere!  

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