IT Problems Causing More Stress Than Solutions?


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AMP Is Most Effective For Clients Who:


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Who Can We Help?

Are you a small business operating in or around the Lancashire area and finding your current IT offering an increasing problem to the productivity of your business? Here at AMP, we understand IT’s important in propelling your business forward.


Our Typical Client

Whilst we support all variations of IT infrastructure, most of our clients typically have between 5 to 150 workstations and rely on there networked systems working to operate their business. Some clients require 24/7 systems support and other require much less, but whatever your business needs our experts here at AMP can help. Allowing you to put your focus back into your business and not your tech.


IT’s at The Heart of What We Do

  • We proactively monitor your network devices to ensure problems are repaired before causing system downtime.
  • We offer piece of mind by taking regular backups of your data.
  • We improve systems reliability to reduce the risk of any expensive downtime.
  • We learn about your business and your goals, this allows us to tailor your IT services, helping you grow effectively.

Why Work With AMP?

Access new technology & have a clear focus on delivery of products and solutions.

Award winning remote support software – safe, reliable & fast

Our inhouse expertise & experience allows us to tailor our IT solutions to meet all your business needs.

We have the staff & expertise to deal with any projects big or small

Real time proactive monitoring & management of any connected device in your business, that can be anywhere in the world.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Instant engineer access, no call backs