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Why would a small business use outsourced IT Support?

To avoid a long and expensive recruitment processes

With the IT sector on the rise and the skills are available, there are still only around 500,000 people who are specialists. Finding the right person for your business.


Outsourced teams have a range of skills available for any IT Support ticket, providing you with the right expertise for when you need it the most. There is no need to hire a new technician.

Proactive Monitoring

If you have 1 in-house person they don’t see as many issues as someone working for multiple, IT Person would typically see 1 problem at a time whilst potentially missing others. Outsourced IT providers employ technology that proactively monitors your IT systems, notifying of any issues but they become a problem.

No I in Team

To work as a real team, you will need your newly recruited IT support staff get to know each other, learn abuts each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as how to complement each other, work with your technologies etc. With an outsourced IT Support team, you get a team that is ready when you are.

Training overheads

If your IT Support is in-house and handles 10–20 users, then the possibility to upgrade their skills and knowledge is limited. An in-house technician has less chance to work with a range of IT issues. This is down to the size of the business is small.


When you hire your own in house IT Support, availability can become somewhat of a struggle. An outsources team are bound by a service level agreement meaning, if your normal IT Support guy is unavailable, they can just send you another, meaning your business has true continuity.

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