Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training

Microsoft Excel is commonly used by businesses UK-wide, but few know how to make the most of its many features.

In this introductory session, we explain some of the most useful features that Excel has to offer. We look at formulas and workbooks, and how you can present data in various forms.

Learn how to make the most of Excel.

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Who is this course for?

Aimed at regular users, this session is all about working more efficiently by understanding Excel’s many time-saving features and some of the tasks you can usefully automate.

It will also help you add polish to reports and generate more insights from your data. To find out more, please contact us.

Work more efficiently.

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Excel Intermediate Course Content

Managing Workbooks
  • Options and settings
Customising the ribbon
  • Tailoring the quick access toolbar
  • Protecting worksheets and workbooks, including hiding, locking and setting permissions
  • Advanced formulas
  • Introducing further operators
  • Relative and absolute cell references
  • Array formulas
  • Range names in formulas
  • Adding linking formulas
  • Circular references
  • Overview of statistical functions
  • Logical functions
  • Creating IF formulas
Tracing precedents
  • Using DATE/TIME functions
  • An overview of Math, IS and text functions
Introduction to Charting
  • Understanding and creating charts for different data sets
  • Embedded charts versus chart sheets
  • Refining and modifying a chart
Inserting and formatting objects
  • Chart formatting
Advanced Formatting
  • Create custom formats (number, time, date)
  • Create conditional formatting rules using formulas
  • Using styles and themes
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