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Getting good, practical advice at the planning stages can make the difference between a project’s failure and success. Call on us at any time and we’ll give you the benefit of our experience.

As IT experts, two of the most important things we can do are to help our clients plan effectively and to make the most of information technology. By working with you from the start of a project, we’ll make sure you enjoy substantial cost savings, together with improved reliability, security, business resilience and efficiency. We’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls and equip yourself for all that the future might bring.

We’ll give you the benefit of our experience.

Equip yourself for all that the future might bring.

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Protect Your Critical Data

In today’s digital age, protecting your business’s critical data is more crucial than ever.

That’s why our IT security services are designed to minimise risks and safeguard your most important information. With a comprehensive analysis of potential vulnerabilities, we can offer personalised solutions to fit your specific business needs. Our 24/7 security monitoring and response ensures that your systems are always clean and secure, and our team is ready to act quickly should the worst happen.

Don’t let security threats hold your business back; trust our expert team to keep your data safe and your operations running smoothly.

IT Network Design

It’s a cliché, but every business really is different. IT use differs considerably, and not just between different organisations but also over time. Tomorrow’s needs will not be the same as the ones you have today, so if you’re going to avoid delays and disruption, you’re going to need an IT network that can evolve with you.

At AMP, we excel in designing and installing IT networks that keep our clients future-proofed. We’ll carry out an audit of your existing systems – your hardware, software, workstations and staff numbers – and we’ll give you clear, intelligent proposals for upgrading your network. These will be proposals that take account of where you are now and where you want to be in five or even ten years’ time. We can help you with:

  • IT audits
  • Informing your business growth plans
  • Designing new IT networks
  • Installing new networks
  • Recommending on-site and cloud solutions
  • IT procurement
  • Systems testing
  • Data protection and setting permissions
  • Cyber security
  • Linking with specialist software – e.g. process automation or CAD
Office Relocation

When a growing company moves to new premises, it’s often a cause for celebration, but if you want to make a smooth transition, you’ll probably need help with your IT.

We know the importance of business continuity; it’s at the core of what we offer. So when you’re planning a move, you can count on us to give you good advice and active, hands-on support. We offer a comprehensive IT relocation package that leaves nothing to chance. We’ll deliver as much or as little help as you need, but the full range of services includes:

  • Network design, planning and installation
  • Continuity of email and telephony
  • Data back-up and security
  • Internet connectivity
  • Installing and commissioning hardware – servers, workstations etc.
  • Printer services
  • Procurement of new hardware
  • Uses of cloud solutions
  • Remote and mobile access
GDPR and ePrivacy

The General Data Protection Regulation and the ePrivacy Regulation are two important pieces of EU legislation that have important implications for the way that companies obtain, store and secure data. We’ll help you manage data securely.

GDPR, in particular, is having an impact on all manner of industries and processes, and while there certainly isn’t scope to explain it all here, one thing is certain: businesses must find effective ways of managing their data if they are to stay on the right side of the law.

How you need to respond to this changing landscape will depend on the size and complexity of your operation, and the nature of your work. To help you understand your obligations and what you need to do to meet them, we offer a cost-effective advisory and support service. We can help with:

  • Training – explaining your responsibilities
  • Auditing – examining your existing systems and procedures
  • Planning – giving you a roadmap for sustained and effective compliance
  • Upgrading – where necessary, installing and testing new systems to deliver the data security you need
IT Procurement

When very large organisations need new hardware, they can normally use their buying power to bring unit costs down. However, most firms aren’t big enough to enjoy such economies of scale – at least, not unless they can get help from an IT procurement specialist.

At AMP, we buy IT systems for a broad spectrum of organisations; it’s something we do all the time. That gives us the same kind of purchasing power as many PLCs and local authorities. Suppliers recognise this, so they’re prepared to offer us significant reductions on their usual prices – reductions that we can pass on to you. We can save you money on all kinds of IT-related products, including:


  • Workstations (desktops and laptops)
  • Tablets / mobile devices
  • Printers and telephony
  • Cloud-based packages
  • Servers
  • Software

Not only do we save you money on your purchasing costs; we also help you make longer term savings by advising you about which products will most effectively meet your needs, now and in the future.

VoIP Telecoms

Conventional telephone systems are relied upon by many businesses, but they can be costly, inflexible, and sometimes restrictive. VoIP can often provide a much better alternative.

VoIP telephone systems for businesses can deliver savings of up to 30% when compared to their copper wire predecessors, and they are much more easily scalable. New lines can be added quickly and easily, and all while maintaining exceptional quality, security and reliability.

Of course, not all VoIP systems are equal, so making the right choice is important. At AMP, we use VoIP in own offices, and we work with some of the world’s leading providers – so we know the subject inside out. If you’re planning to upgrade your telephony, we’ll always be ready to listen and to recommend a solution that meets your needs.

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We have recently made the switch to using AMP as our outsourced IT function. We have found the transition seamless and already feel like they have made a significant difference to our IT systems. Their response time is great and their communication is pitched at the right level ensuring that we understand what is going on at all times. We would highly recommend them.
Rebecca Bradshaw

 of Rotherham Taylor Ltd
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