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From security risks to the challenges of growth, businesses today face a broad array of IT concerns. Managers must keep abreast of a growing number of issues and, since no single individual can be a specialist in all of them, staying in control is far from easy. 

Fortunately, we can help. We provide expert, tailored support with everything from simple repairs to making the most of cloud-based solutions. Working as an extension to your team, we can help you with hardware, software, infrastructure, and planning.

A broad range of options tailored to suit you.

Working as an extension to your team.

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IT Support Services Preston & the North West

We offer comprehensive solutions to keep your IT infrastructure in top shape. With our expert IT services, your systems will run smoothly and efficiently, with minimal downtime. Our team is quick to respond to any issues that may arise, and we also provide web services to make your online presence shine. Trust us to keep your technology on track and your business thriving.

IT Support

If, like some organisations, you rely on specialist software or you have multiple platforms spread across multiple sites, an IT support agreement might be the most useful and cost-effective option.

We have extensive experience of many different sectors, industry-specific software and devices – everything from CNC manufacturing systems to x-ray machines – so if yours is a business that calls for specialist support, there’s an excellent chance we can help.

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Software Support

As a business, you don’t want to spend time solving IT conflicts and infrastructure problems. You just want stuff to work – so we’ll make sure that it does.

As organisations develop, they typically introduce new hardware, software and security measures. Their systems can become more complex, with many more elements, and that presents certain challenges. But talk to us and we’ll make it our job to bring them all together, to streamline your technology and get it working as hard and as smoothly as possible.

  • Advice about software choices – from operating systems to everyday packages
  • Software installation and testing
  • Fixing problems with your existing systems
  • Getting new and existing systems to ‘talk’
  • Advising on security software
  • Training in software such Microsoft products
Call Out & Repairs

Accidents, wear and tear, user error and many other factors can cause IT systems to falter. When they do, you need a rapid and robust fix that gets your staff and systems fully operational as soon as possible.

If you’re having problems with a server, a network, a workstation or some other vital element of your IT infrastructure, you can simply call us out to fix it. Our on-site support service is available throughout Preston, Lancashire and the North West, and we can sort most problems out in a single visit.

Sometimes, a call-out won’t be necessary. Our experienced support staff can often talk you through the steps necessary to address the fault yourself or, if you need more active assistance, we can use remote desktop technology to access your system and make the necessary investigations online.

And if you’re looking for reliable ongoing support for your team, our outsourced service desk is a good choice for businesses that are highly dependent on IT systems. experienced staff will take your calls and support requests whenever they arise, and we’ll take charge of solving whatever challenges you face.

Printer Support

The amount of time employees can spend on printer-related problems can be frustrating. The difficulties of printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents on old hardware or poorly configured software are just the start.

Fortunately, these and other problems are all addressed by our print service. By eliminating problems before they occur, we help to reduce the hidden waste of employees’ time incurred on print-related tasks. To begin with, an audit of your office environment will help to identify opportunities to make big efficiency savings. Then we’ll submit clear proposals for how your printers can best be managed. For a fixed cost, the service includes:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Call-outs / rapid repairs
  • All consumables – ink, paper etc.
  • Software / driver updates
  • Appropriate security measures
  • Detailed management reports on printer use
Backup Service

Your business-critical data is the backbone of your operations, but it’s also incredibly fragile.

Any number of factors could cause it to disappear forever: human error, data corruption, or hardware failure. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to these risks. With a secure backup in place, you can minimise disruptions to your operations, avoid lost productivity and revenue, and ensure that your business stays up and running.

Our backup service works quietly and consistently in the background so, the chances are, you’ll rarely be aware that anything at all is happening. The process has a minimal ‘footprint’ and should cause no noticeable slowing or disturbance to your systems.

The service can be tailored to your needs, but it will typically offer comprehensive coverage – extending to your servers and your workstations. Allow us to handle the configuration and set up the scheduling, and your data backup system should become a great asset to the business.

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Disaster Recovery

Companies’ systems and data can potentially be at risk from natural disasters such as flooding, from accidents, from criminal acts such as theft and arson and, of course, from cyber attack. To counter these threats, it is important that you develop a disaster recovery plan.

As part of our client safeguarding work, we offer practical, expert advice and standalone backup solutions. Our security and disaster recovery assessments include a review of your business continuity measures. We’ll identify any weaknesses in your policies and practices, and we’ll advise you on your options for adopting best practice. We’ll also suggest improvements that will give you that critical last line of defence against a successful attack.

You’ll have the reassurance of knowing that your business can recover from such an incident within a commercially acceptable timeframe. Our support team will be there to help you recover, in a calm and efficient manner. We’ll get you operational as quickly as possible. Basically, we’ll be there when you need us most.

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Proactive Monitoring

Operating 24 hours a day, our proactive monitoring systems fix most problems as they arise and keep your systems running smoothly.

Using remote monitoring and management technologies, we identify potential problems with your servers and workstations before they ever have a chance to cause you disruption. in many cases, they even allows us to fix problems remotely without ever having to interrupt your routine operations.

We’ve developed our Workstation package to monitor your PCs and laptops and keep them in optimum health, and our Server options further reduces your digital risks, whilst maximising network security. Our expert team will update your software patches/hotfixes, your anti-virus definitions and generally bolster your defences against cyber threats.

In addition, our Mobile service enables us to monitor, manage, secure and support all your devices, so they can be safely integrated into your company’s technology infrastructure – without compromising on the privacy of your staff. Our active management services are fully scalable, and suitable for any stage of your business.

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Web Services

Our web services keep your websites and communications well managed, secure, and up to date.

We can help you register and keep track of your domain name renewal dates and manage them on your behalf so that you never miss an important deadline. Where required, we can advise you on hosting packages and look after your renewals, so you’ll never suffer interruptions to your web presence.

A dependable web connection is another business essential. We help companies to choose the right internet connection technologies and we help set up the connections themselves. What’s more, as companies grow and technologies evolve, so we help clients to understand their changing needs and to plan accordingly.

Email is the backbone of business communication, and we understand how crucial it is to keep your email systems up and running without interruption. We pride ourselves on ensuring your email remains efficient, even with the addition of new accounts and multiple sites. Experience the peace of mind that comes with dependable email communication backed by our commitment to excellence.

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Latest Testimonial
We have recently made the switch to using AMP as our outsourced IT function. We have found the transition seamless and already feel like they have made a significant difference to our IT systems. Their response time is great and their communication is pitched at the right level ensuring that we understand what is going on at all times. We would highly recommend them.
Rebecca Bradshaw

 of Rotherham Taylor Ltd
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