Learn how our remote 24/7 monitoring systems spot potential faults before they occur. By fixing them before they become a problem, we keep your business productive without suffering interruptions to your work.


No business can afford to ignore IT security. From desktop antivirus to next generation firewall technologies, we have the solutions to keep you safe, secure and fully operational.


Disaster-recovery, infrastructure planning, routine backups, emergency call-outs, help with relocation… Whatever the challenge, we provide everything you need to keep your systems performing at their best.

IT's at the heart of what we do

IT support, security, consultancy and training.

Managed IT support, Lancashire

We love to make your life easier.

Managed IT Support Lancashire

Your Network, Our Priority

AMP is a Lancashire based IT support company and we take a genuine interest in the smooth running of your systems. If it involves any aspect of your IT, we'll make it our business to resolve your issues and keep you fully operational. Work with us and you'll never hear us say "it's not our problem."

If you're facing a challenge with your IT and need IT Support, or if you'd like some advice about a new project, please call us today on 0800 368 7730.


Your Virtual IT Department

From security risks to the challenges of growth, businesses today face a broad array of IT concerns. Managers must keep abreast of a growing number of issues and, since no single individual can be a specialist in all of them, staying in control is far from easy. Fortunately, we can help. We provide expert, tailored support with everything from simple repairs to making the most of cloud-based solutions. Working as an extension to your team, we can help you with hardware, software, infrastructure and planning. It’s our job to make things easy.

Virtual IT Department

IT Support

Problem-prevention and cure; back-up; web services and more.

IT Security

  IT Security

Everything you need to operate safely and securely in the digital world.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Scalable solutions to storage, software and communications.

IT Training

  IT Training

Bespoke courses, Sage, Microsoft products and room hire.

IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Expert advice on IT planning, relocation, IT procurement and telecoms.

Virtual IT Department

Sector Experience

We help firms of all kinds but we have specialist expertise, too.

Don't be a victim of cyber crime!

Over half of UK companies have been hit with a cyber attack. How would your business survive? Find out how we will help safeguard your business and its users with our managed security services.

Our expert team and many years of experience mean we can assist with IT issues of all kinds. We'll help you operate securely, consistently and with total confidence in your infrastructure.

For you, our proactive support means:

  • Less downtime / better productivity
  • Greater business resilience
  • Smoother, faster processes
  • Greater efficiency savings
  • Greater confidence in your systems
  • More time to focus on your work

Virtual IT Department



We want you to regard us as a trusted member of your team - and we're prepared to do all it takes to earn that trust. Informed, responsive and always focused on your best interests, you can count on us for:


  • Honest, no-nonsense advice
  • Active help with problem-solving
  • Full accountability
  • Ready availability
  • A service that grows with your needs
  • Outstanding value for money

Orange and Blue handshake

When it comes to IT support and related services, we routinely help companies and organisations  of all kinds. However, if you work in a specialist field, you might require sector-specific support. If so, then our broad experience means there's a good chance we can deliver the solutions you need. Examples of our sector experience include:


  • Accountancy
  • Business services
  • Dental and medical
  • Fast-growing business
  • Food and agriculture
  • Legal and professional
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-site businesses
  • Tourism & leisure
  • Veterinary practices


AMP is a Lancashire IT support specialist. The business was founded in Garstang in 1999 and moved to Blackpool a year later. In 2015, we moved again, this time to our current premises on Riversway in Preston. (You can read about AMP's company history here.) So we have moved as we have grown, providing IT support to a steadily growing number of Lancashire businesses and organisations.

Lancashire will continue to be our home because the bulk of our clients have their headquarters here, and it's also the source from which we draw our talent. Preston, in particular, is an ideal base for us because it has a convenient central location that puts the Fylde, Wyre, West and East Lancashire all within easy reach. It also boasts a large number of technically oriented businesses for whom quality IT support is essential. For more details about why we relocated here, please see this blog post.

However, while Lancashire is our home, there are certainly no boundaries to our client list. We serve companies in Manchester, Merseyside and Cumbria, as well as clients with national and international operations. So wherever you're based, if you need effective, affordable IT support, you'll find us a willing and capable partner.

Get in Touch

Interested in our services or simply need advice? Our expert team are here to help you.

AMP takes your privacy very seriously. The information we collect will only be used in relation to the products and services you have requested from us and we will never share your data with anyone else. Any data you do provide will be held in accordance with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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The May 2019 edition of Lancashire Business View features a lead article by our very own Adam Purnell. Entitled "Risk, Business Continuity and IT", the article considers how routine business operations could potentially be affected by IT failures. Importantly, it also...
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Microsoft Breach

Earlier this year, between January and March of 2019, many email account holders fell foul of another high profile email security breach. Microsoft BreachThe attack centred upon a batch of free Microsoft email accounts - certain users of the Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook...
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Cloud Services Cloud Services refers to a range of situations whereby your business data and applications are stored and accessed via the internet, rather than being managed locally on your computer’s hard drive. There are three “Cloud” technologies; public, private...
IT Support, IT's in the heart of what we do

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To avoid a long and expensive recruitment processes With the IT sector on the rise and the skills are available, there are still only around 500,000 people who are specialists. Finding the right person for your business. Skills Outsourced teams have a range of skills...
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On Sunday 9th December, staff from AMP will be taking part in a charity fun run in aid of St Catherine's Hospice. As part of their fund-raising efforts, Directors Adam and Jim will take part in the 5km run around Preston Marina dressed in Santa costumes. "A big red...
IT Support Preston

IT Support Preston

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The Case of the Car Sale Con

The following is a true story, involving a company we know. The names and certain identifying details have been changed, but the other details are accurate. They serve as an important cautionary tale for companies that believe their email systems are sufficiently...

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