Microsoft Word Training Course

Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used tools within the MS Office suite.

However, most users only exploit a small fraction of its many rich features. This session aims to boost your productivity and save you time by unveiling some of its most useful functions.

Boost your productivity and save you time.

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Who is this course for?

This session is designed for all regular users of Microsoft Word, especially those who use it for multiple complex tasks.

The tips and guidance provided in this session will save most users considerable time in their daily working lives.

Tips and guidance from the experts.

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Word Course Content

Managing Document Options & Settings
  • Create and modify templates
  • Use styles, macros and building blocks
Compare and combine documents
  • Link to external content
  • Configure Word options and settings
  • Track changes / Manage comments
  • Manage and share documents
Designing Advanced Documents
  • Find and replace – using special characters, formatting and styles
Advanced page set-up and layout options
  • Link text boxes
  • Resolve style conflicts using paste options
  • Create and modify paragraph and character styles
  • Advanced editing and formatting
Creating Advanced References
  • Mark, create and update index entries
  • Customise a table of contents
Insert and modify custom form fields
Creating Custom Word Elements
  • Create and manage Quick Parts
  • Create custom fonts, colours, styles and themes
Utilise global content standards
  • Apply advanced custom elements
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