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Proactive IT Support

Our IT services keep your systems running smoothly.

Using remote monitoring and management technologies, we identify potential problems with your servers and workstations before they ever have a chance to cause you disruption.

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Proactive IT Management

Operating 24 hours a day, these proactive monitoring systems fix most problems as they arise and they quickly flag those they can’t. They check the vital signs of your key infrastructure and keep you fully informed of what’s going on. In many cases, they even allows us to fix problems remotely without ever having to interrupt your routine operations.


Prevention is always better than cure and, with AMP’s server support, you keep the risks of server downtime to an absolute minimum.

Under a server agreement, we monitor your systems on a continuous basis, enabling us to spot the first signs of faults, conflicts and bottlenecks. This, coupled with our remote management facility, means we can deliver a pre-emptive fix to prevent them from impacting on your productivity.

In addition to continuous monitoring of your hardware resilience and fault tolerance, we’ll also monitor your back-ups, hypervisor status, and the temperatures and fan speeds of your servers. In all, we keep track of around 300 metrics on every server we watch. If you are running key services such as SQL, we’ll watch those closely, too.

We can also scan your network devices and update your software patches/hotfixes, your anti-virus definitions and generally bolster your defences against cyber threats. This further reduces your risks, whilst maximising network security.

Our server support is available to all types of business no matter the size.

  • Real-time monitoring (24/7, year-round)
  • Pre-emptive maintenance – proactively addressing faults
  • Fewer disruptions or network outages
  • No downtime during setup
  • Ready access to technical support
  • Increased security
  • Active management of anti-virus, threat management & software updates
  • Scalable pricing; great value for money

Managing your computer performance is essential for your continued business success. No one benefits from downtime, so we’ve developed our Workstation package to monitor your PCs and laptops and keep them in optimum health.

We maintain a continuous audit of your workstations and their specifications, and we provide regular reports on their performance and software.  Our active monitoring work means we can identify (and usually fix) most common problems remotely, so you suffer little or no downtime. It also enables us to keep your workstations protected with the latest patches and hotfixes. Typically, this will all happen in the background without requiring any intervention on your part at all.

The service is continuous – 24/7, all year round – and our specially developed software means that nothing gets overlooked. That delivers important advantages for any business.

  • Cost-savings – avoid downtime and productivity losses
  • Efficiency – staff remain productive and uninterrupted
  • Continuity – all your systems are kept working at peak performance
  • Confidence – stay free to focus on your business, not your IT infrastructure
  • Good management – stay informed about issues, risks and key events
  • Information – get an accurate, up to date audit of your PCs and their specifications
  • Intelligence – get concise reports on any incidents that occur
  • Security – all your threat management systems are kept fully updated
  • Availability – your staff enjoy effective day-to-day IT support  while using PCs & laptops

Our Workstation service is fully scalable – from one PC, right up to hundreds – so it’s suitable for any stage of your business.


AMP’s Mobile service will relieve your concerns about the security and management of your business devices, without compromising on the privacy of your staff.

Instant access to data has become the norm in the modern business world, and smart phones and mobile devices are commonplace. However, this trend is putting increasing pressure on organisations to allow such  devices to access their corporate network. Proper management and control of users is essential if organisations are going to be able to maintain effective data security.

Our Mobile service enables us to monitor, manage, secure and support all your devices, so they can be safely integrated into your company’s technology infrastructure.

  • Maintains reliable IT security
  • Enables staff to operate effectively in the office and in the field
  • Service provided remotely, with minimal disruption
  • Set-up is quick and trouble-free
  • Priced on a per-user monthly subscription
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • No additional capital costs

Our Mobile service is suitable for any size and type of business, whether you provide devices or whether your employees bring their own.

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