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IT Callouts & Repairs Preston

In most cases, our proactive monitoring and management services will be the best, most cost-effective way of ensuring the continuity of your systems.

However, for those that don’t have such an agreement in place, we can still provide timely and affordable support.

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IT Callouts & Repairs Preston

Accidents, wear and tear, user error and many other factors can cause IT systems to falter. When they do, you need a rapid and robust fix that gets your staff and systems fully operational as soon as possible. That’s where our team of expert IT technicians can offer invaluable support.

On-Site IT Support

If you’re having problems with a server, a network, a workstation or some other vital element of your IT infrastructure, you can simply call us out to fix it. Our on-site support service is available throughout Preston, Lancashire and the North West, and we can sort most problems out in a single visit. Callouts are charged at an hourly rate and we’ll be pleased to give you an estimate before we set out.

Remote IT Support

Sometimes, a call-out won’t be necessary. If you can clearly describe the problem, our remote support service may well be a faster, cheaper solution.

Our experienced support staff can often talk you through the steps necessary to address the fault yourself or, if you need more active assistance, we can use remote desktop technology to access your system and make the necessary investigations online. Either way, we’ll get you back to full productivity in as short a time as possible.

Outsourced Service Desk

Our outsourced service desk is a good choice for businesses that are highly dependent on IT systems. If an IT fault could seriously impact on your routine operations, then it could be well worth talking to us about an ongoing service agreement.

Under such a plan, we’ll be there to help you all year round. Our experienced staff will take your calls and support requests whenever they arise, and we’ll take charge of solving whatever challenges you face. It’s a fixed price service, so you’ll be in full control of your costs, and you can be confident that any IT problems will be addressed with the minimum of delay or disruption.

IT Support

If, like some organisations, you rely on specialist software or you have multiple platforms spread across multiple sites, an IT support agreement might be the most useful and cost-effective option.

We have extensive experience of many different sectors, industry-specific software and devices – everything from CNC manufacturing systems to x-ray machines – so if yours is a business that calls for specialist support, there’s an excellent chance we can help.

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