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With AMP’s network service, you can rest assure that we are doing all we can to keep your business operating by keeping the possibiity of any network or server dowtime to an absolute minimum.

If your network is creating more problems that its solving then our network service can help your business today.

AMPs network services are available to all types of business no matter the size. Find out how we can help below…


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Utilising our technical experts along with the our remote automation tools we can provide you with a unique range of benefits:

  • Real-Time Monitoring (24x7x365) – Identifying problems as they occur
  • Pre-Emptive Maintenance – Using a proactive approach than an reative to prevent downtime
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Fewer distruptions or network outages
  • Increased network security
  • Anti-virus, Threat Management & Software Updating
  • Scalable pricing with great value for money
  • No downtime during setup

What’s Involved?

Prevention is always better than a cure and this is no different with your business networks. Which is why we monitor your network on a continous basis, allowing the ability to spot potencial issues as they occur, reducing the risk of problems arising.

In additon to continuous monitoring of your network, we will also run scans on the network devices and updates your software patches/hotfixes, anti-virus definitions and threat management. This also helps to reduce the risk of problems, whilst maximising network security.


We’re fully accredited by Microsoft and HP, with vast experience of Windows and Linux servers (plus the underlying hardware), including Active Directory administration and Group Policy management. We also cover virtualisation and high availability solutions..


We manage Directory Services for many clients, including their data security, access to resources, ICT standards and desktop computer settings.


Using industry-leading remote monitoring and management software as a base, we’ve modified it to check all the key elements of your network and infrastructure, so we continuously check for potential issues (Event Management) and pre-emptively resolve problems.

We keep everything running smoothly, report on the health of your systems and provide inventories when needed.


We provide a single-stop, fully integrated Internet access solution, complete with underlying broadband (including capability for site-to-site private links with options for redundancy and failover).

We can manage your security and access (firewalling), as well as IP configuration (DNS, Name hosting, DHCP, addressing schemes and so on) to meet your requirements.


Installations, surveys, compliance testing and documentation are conducted by our qualified engineers, whether the cabling is Ethernet or Fibre Optic.


Computing over distances (remote working, or site-to-site connectivity in a WAN) requires security and efficient routing of network traffic. We can manage this for you to ensure that this works as flawlessly and reliably as possible.

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