Will cloud computing Eliminate Server Rooms?

It’s obvious but easy to overlook the fact that cloud computing systems aren’t actually up there in the cloud. As we’ve pointed out in other blog posts, ‘cloud’ is really […]

Cloud Computing

What are Cloud Services and Managed IT Services?

Cloud Services Cloud Services refers to a range of situations whereby your business data and applications are stored and accessed via the internet, rather than being managed locally on your […]


Why would a small business use outsourced IT Support?

To avoid a long and expensive recruitment processes With the IT sector on the rise and the skills are available, there are still only around 500,000 people who are specialists. […]

IT Support, IT's in the heart of what we do

Getting the Most from Your IT Service Provider

Hiring a managed IT service provider has become commonplace amongst companies requiring specialised IT services. Thanks to innovations in virtualisation and automation, partnering with an IT support company is typically […]

Mark from AMP Information systems, IT Service Provider

Fun Run for St Catherine’s Hospice

“A big red coat and hat isn’t exactly standard running-wear,” notes Adam, “but it makes the run a bit more challenging and it’s certainly for a very good cause.” St […]

AMP Information Systems Fun Run

IT Support Preston, Our Home Town

Why Preston Preston is one of the country’s best connected cities. It stands on the mainline from London to Edinburgh and, as any local knows, it is very well supported […]

IT Support Preston

The Case of the Sidetracked Solicitor

In a previous blog post, we told the story of a car dealership that had nearly lost thousands because a fraudster had gained access to the owner’s email via his […]

AMP solicitor

The Case of the Car Sale Con

The following is a true story, involving a company we know. The names and certain identifying details have been changed, but the other details are accurate. They serve as an […]

Blue BMW car on orange background, cyber security

No Shortcuts to Effective Cyber Security

Since 2004, October has been celebrated as Cyber security Awareness Month. In honour of this, we’ll be setting out a series of blog posts on this important topic, together with […]

Blue and Orange Cyber Security AMP Icons

X-Rated Extortion

If you keep up to date with the information security news, you may be aware that opportunists are trying to extort money from unsuspecting people by threatening to leak videos […]

Managed IT Security

The Differences Between Office 365 and Microsoft Office

Is there was an award for the most resource intense and awesome productivity tool for both business and home users? If there was, Microsoft Office would easily win them all. […]


Microsoft Launches Office 2019 for Windows & MacOS

Microsoft mentioned a successor version, ending rumours that this year’s release would be the last that does not require a monthly subscription. Microsoft launched Office 2019 for Windows and macOS […]

Office 2019
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